About me

Hey all,

Welcome to my blog. This blog was created to enable me to be a digital hoarder of random thoughts and information relating to whatever it is that I’m working on. It’s a place for me to document my many hobbies, share material with friends, and force me to consume less and contribute/produce more.

I currently live in Everett, Washington. I formerly worked in tech as a game programmer, most recently as the Lead Game Developer at Elevate. I’m currently an aspiring math educator. After ~7 years of working in the gaming industry, I’m back in school and working toward a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Math Education. My near term goals are to score a hat trick in a recreational league hockey game and learn to hold a conversation in French. Longer term, I’m interested in maintaining physical fitness, becoming good enough at jazz guitar to be able to call myself a jazz guitarist, and figuring out how to make a major impact in the field of education.

Website: www.jay-austria.com

Please don’t hesitate to contact me